Learning Undefeated

$1,246,837 has been granted to Learning Undefeated, in partnership with the Rebuild Texas Fund, to build out and operate two Learning Undefeated Drop Anywhere Labs. Upon completion, each Lab will be deployed to school districts still recovering from Harvey’s impact.  More than a year and a half after Hurricane Harvey, several school districts impacted by the storm are just starting first repairs after receiving final assessments from FEMA, with many classrooms remaining offline, damaged and under-resourced. These outfitted shipping container labs can be activated in 10-15 minutes upon arrival and each serves up to 160 students across four different classrooms while also providing much needed STEM resources and materials that can be taken inside the schools and classrooms to be utilized by teachers.

Status: Both labs are due to be operational by August 2019 and serve 40,000 students for the 2019-2020 school year.

As of June 2019, 76% of funds have been disbursed as scheduled.